Holiday pleasures have their price -
and with the Binzer Bucht Card, it's a pretty small one.

  1. Look forward to free entry to a whole host of offers.
  2. Discover the Binzer Bucht at reduced prices.
  3. Travel free of charge by bus and train.

The Binzer Bucht Card. Your door
opener for an unforgettable holiday.

Sparkling clean beaches, ever-ready lifeguards and free diversions for young and old: all this doesn't come by chance, but from the tiny contribution our guests make every day, which goes by the old-fashioned name of visitor's tax. Thanks to the small contribution for which you receive the Binzer Bucht Card, we have set up a dense, visitor-friendly bus and train network that takes you to your favourite places for free and opens a multitude of doors to experiences and attractions that don't cost you a cent extra. All in all, the visitor's tax is a really good thing and your little token of love for the Bay of Binz, for which we say a big thank you.


Save money

Everyone joins in, everyone is there and everyone benefits. No single tickets, but ticketless mobility during your entire holiday. And on top of that, lots of partners who open up the world of experiences in the Binzer Bucht even further and thus save you money.


Our host gift for you

Nothing in life is free? Yes, there is, at least if you are a guest in the Binzer Bucht and have the blue card with you. Museums, guided tours, concerts, hikes - it's all part of a successful holiday and costs you nothing extra.


Happiness at a small price

For what you give us, you get a lot back. Thanks to the guest tax, many attraction providers can give you a substantial discount on admission. Just show your BINZER BUCHT CARD and in no time at all your way to your favourite places will be free or so affordable that you'll want to come back.


Free ride

Show the BINZER BUCHT CARD, get on and off you go. Travel to your favourite places between Binz and Prora as often and as long as you like with the eco-electricity-powered Bäderbahn or our environmentally friendly buses - without the stress of looking for a parking space, without a carbon footprint and without having to dig deep into your pockets.


Digital companion

Behind the BINZER BUCHT CARD is a small digital universe with cycling and hiking maps, holiday tips and insider knowledge that is constantly updated. Simply scan the QR code on your BINZER BUCHT CARD and turn your smartphone or tablet into an entertaining, well-informed companion via the web app.

How the BINZER

It's available digitally, to touch and, if you wish, even before you travel: The bright blue BINZER BUCHT CARD. It not only holds your personal data, but also serves as a ticket for buses and trains to get your holiday rolling. With the practical card, you are not only quickly and conveniently everywhere, but also free of charge when things get exciting - this is ensured by your digital travel guide, which gets wind of everything you enjoy.


Very practical either way

Have you booked? The BINZER BUCHT CARD either comes to you immediately in digital form or awaits you as a tangible companion on site upon arrival - flanked by the ingenious idea of also downloading the BINZER BUCHT GUIDE to your smartphone or tablet.


Card welcome

Everything filled in correctly? Your host will take a look at your travel data with you and give you your robust companion right away. If you haven't already done so, you can now get to know your digital travel guide via QR code.


Best accompanied

There is an infinite amount to see, experience and discover in the Binz Bay. Scan the QR code on your BINZER BUCHT CARD and go on a discovery tour with the BINZER BUCHT GUIDE at any time.


A lightweight travel guide

We could fill books with exciting facts and tips about Binzer Bucht. But we don't. Instead, we provide you with everything in smartphone-friendly and always up-to-date digital form - ready to go.


You have it good

Wherever the blue BINZER BUCHT CARD beckons, many amenities await. Starting with free indoor or outdoor events, free bus and train rides and the cleanest swimming fun. All these advantages are actually priceless.

Get a whiff of the very best sea air
and what it costs

The Bay of Binz is beautiful - and to keep it that way, we put every cent we collect through the guest tax into the care and maintenance of this Baltic Sea paradise. Would you like to support us? In our statutes you can find out in detail who has to pay which contribution and when, and who is exempt.

Spa Tax Statutes (pdf)


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